Halloween gets its own spot. New York has a different way of trick or treating (obviously). I was walking home from work and kids were going from store to store to store along the streets collecting candy. The kids I watch went to a block party where there were games, candy, and a corn maze. Some buildings have kids go door to door in the building…pure craziness!

I went with friends to the Halloween parade which was possibly the most insane parade I have ever been to. We were stationed right behind NY 1 (a local tv- news station) so we got great views of everything (when there was not a giant costume blocking our view). My personal favorite costume was the entire family that was dressed as characters from the Wizard of Oz and had made every costume out of MetroCards…..Seriously? Where do you get all of those metrocards and how much spare time do you have!?!?! It was amazing. They even had extra circle hat things (made out of metrocards) to throw to the crowd!

A big group of people performed the Thriller dance which was entertaining and Zappos.com had dancing shoes on sticks which were adorable!

Tomorrow is the New York City marathon. The route is really close to my apartment so that is exciting!


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