NYC life so far….

So here is my new way of catching everyone up that I unfortunately do not get to talk to very often (and of course anyone who I talk to often as well)! I can’t believe it is already November. Less than a month until Thanksgiving and back home for a week. Hurray for grass and clean air!!!!

Working as a nanny is a rollercoaster of ups and downs but seems to be pretty consistent now. The kids are 2 and 4 and taking after a friend’s blog everyone gets initials only on here… So we will refer to the 2 year old girl as A and the 4 year old boy as L. A and L are always full of suprises for me and keep me busy and entertained (which is important when you are working with them full time every week). I went to my first NYC kids birthday party yesterday. It was not completely over the top but still catered (different food for adults and kids – I should be honest…I would have prefered the kid food). The kids left with Backyardigans balloons, lunchboxes, and the lunchboxes full of Backyardigans stuff. There was a silly clown-type person and a balloon animal guy. (Remember – this is not even a completely over the top party). Next week we are going to a party where the people rented out a double decker bus AND a restauarant. FOR A 6 YEAR OLD! You will hear plenty of the craziness that is working with kids in NYC. It is a whole different world.

Grad school is great. It is my favorite thing about living here and sometimes the only thing I really enjoy! The girls in my program have become such good friends and I could not ask to spend the next two years with better people. We have been dubbed by one girl’s boyfriend the Child Life Club and do all sorts of things together. I am sure that I will talk about them quite a bit as time goes on.

I don’t know how this got so long so quickly but hopefully this will make it easier for me to keep in touch with everyone! Life is so busy lately that I feel like I am missing out on people 🙂 I miss you all!


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