NYC Marathon

So today was the NYC Marathon. I met some of the CL girls to watch and it was pretty exciting. We saw the first women pass (Paula from England won!)

(that is Paula to right of that other camera)

and later we saw Lance Armstrong…. Lance was up for debate for a bit because really we just heard people yelling “GO LANCE GO!” and saw a guy in a yellow shirt and I tried to take pictures. After some research- definitely Lance.

(Lance is that little bit of yellow shirt that you see running away!)

Apparently Katie Holmes was running too and we missed her… I could not believe the sheer masses of people running down first avenue. Not to mention the amount of people willing to run over 26 miles…It definitely made me feel like I should walk to run errands instead of take the subway. (It was pretty crazy on the UES anyways. There were spectators EVERYWHERE! It was a great way to spend a Sunday morning…watching. No running for me here.. although I wouldn’t mind some of the cute running outfits?


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