Saturday adventure

Saturdays tend to be my wandering days..time to run errands, shop, explore, etc. Today was no different. After a few brief stops I decided to wander Macys. OK first of all – I would hate to see what Macys looks like after Thanksgiving because it was crazy today but that is not the entertaining part. So I walk in and there is a crowd gathered around the escalator. Weird. Oh I see why…the escalator is on SUPER speed. People are literally running when they got off because if not they would fall. I have to admit it was one of the funnier things I have ever seen (considering nobody was hurt). Said escalator then started going really slow. Stopped. Super Speed. Slow. Slower. Super Speed. Stop. Quite possibly the craziest escalator that I have ever seen. Needless to say it was shut down within a few minutes.

To make it even better.. the woman behind me said “I thought that it was some CNN know screw up the elevator to see what people do.” For reference…people get on the ridiculous escalator like it is a new rollercoaster and then look back and stare at their daredevil attempts.

Side note: I left Macys after that because I was done with crowd and well the escalator entertainment was over. After wandering around a few more stores I entered Bakers (a shoe store) where there was an amazing sale. Needless to say…I came out with a few new shoes. Quite the productive Saturday if you ask me.


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