Impromptu Caroling…

So yesterday was Thursday meaning that after a long night of class an hour of Grey’s Anatomy. Carrie and I were all settled in watching Greys when after a few minutes we heard singing out on the street. It sounded pretty close to possible caroling so we opened a window to get a better look and determine the exact location of the singing. It was on the steps to our building. Hmm? Oh no not caroling….a group of businessmen (they were all suited up so I am just assuming) had for what we can tell randomly congregrated outside our building and were singing to a tenant of our building sitting on the steps. Oh no. It was not Christmas songs. It was showtunes. Amidst our giggling I tried to get some pictures and video but sadly none turned out that great which was probably because every single time I took a picture the whole group looked from side to side instead of up making us laugh even harder until one smartie caught us at which point we hid inside our apartment. I am still not exactly positive why we didn’t want to be seen because there were certainly other onlookers in other apartments shouting sentiments like encore to the bunch but it was almost half the fun….

I would really upload the photos but pretty much all you can see is the fire escape and I am sure you can just imagine….


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