SATC Sunday.

As promised…
Last Sunday some of the girls and I woke up early and arrived at a fountain next to The Plaza to embark on 3.5 hours of a Sex and the City tour. (Need I say that I really and truly wish I at some point could have been Eloise and lived at The Plaza?) The tour was amazing. Simply put it was quite possibly the best weekend morning since I have been in New York and 3.5 hours of me realizing just how lucky I am to be here (which let me tell you does not happen quite so often).

To describe the tour does not do it justice. If you are familiar with the show picture riding around in a big tour bus looking at all of the places used to film the show and realize that you are in that Barnes and Noble where Carrie tried to figure out which picture would be best for her bookcover multiple times a week! We did a few stop offs where we got off and enjoyed a cosmo ( I know- Sunday morning but we HAD to), had cupcakes, browsed a store that the girls went to, and of course sat and posed on Carrie’s stoop.

Ahhh.. Carrie’s stoop. Some poor person actually lives there and allows these groups of people to sit on her stoop, pose, and take pictures multiple times a day. To keep noise to a minimum we were put in a line across the street to wait our turn. As Erin says…it was fabulously touristy to say the least.

Being fabulous tourists

Carrie’s stoop..

All in all it was a great morning, a great idea, and I would highly recommend it to anyone fan or not because it is a great way to see the East and West villages. Ahhh amazing.


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