Home for the holidays

Well..I am home for the holidays taking a nice little break. I have finally stopped gasping while traveling in a car (apparently despite the fact that I ride in cabs the fact that I never go more than a few blocks without a stop has made me anxious in the car?). However the new development of me wincing around other cars did amuse my family.

There is not much going on around here. Christmas was great and relaxing and now I have even more time to relax…After months of constant going going going that is pretty nice but I keep wondering what I could be doing rather than watching movies.

Well I am going to go enjoy some more down time but I hope everyone is having a great week/happy holidays! I will try to find something exciting to happen over New Years to write about now that I am away from the city for a bit!

Shannon if you read this I hope you are practicing your hula skills for when we get back!!!


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