Well at least there was some excitement….

So my excitement over break has been somewhat limited. Lots of relaxing, learning how to use the Wii, play guitar hero, etc. Today we were headed out to lunch when I got a flat tire. Ah. Now…I don’t really do car things that is why I have AAA right (particularly when it is snowing and below freezing outside) but nono my brothers decided that this would be a perfect time for them to change my tire. After much hoopla…finding instruction manuals, other equipment, getting the spare tire off the back of my care which happened to be frozen onto the tire cover and frozen to the back of my car they finally get everything going. I am standing cheering them on for the sidelines and/or sitting in my Mom’s warm car to watch. As time goes on and it is not exactly the easiest tire change ever my brother (who is 17) is complaining about the cold and I am reiterating that I was ready to call AAA so that none of us had to deal with the cold he says “but it is the manly thing to do..you don’t leave a girl stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire helpless.” After much laughing on my part and joking and noting that this phrase would be immortalized in family jokes my response is still I was far from helpless. I know how to dial a phone. That is why I have AAA.

On a side note I made TWO homemade soups today. I am learning all sorts of things being home… This weekend I get to visit some friends from undergrad so maybe there will be more info of the exciting variety!


2 thoughts on “Well at least there was some excitement….

  1. ah ma deary, so funny of the little one (yeah not so little, but still). So were any of those soups involving turkey…ie: you can teach me to make some homemade soup with all my leftover turkey? huh huh huh. see you oh so very soon!xo

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