I am definitely twelve again for a few hours…

So today I want to the Tyson American Cup for gymnastics. If you know that I have always been a wee bit obsessed with gymnastics so just the thought of going to the start of the competitions before the Olympics was amazing. I went with a few of my friends and decided to buy a program which came with a free mini radio for the event to listen to the commentary. It turned out that the commentators were Shannon Miller and another male gymnast (who I don’t really remember his name). Shannon Miller is touted as the “most decorated American gymnast of all time” and was at the height of her gymnastics life when I was in my gymnastics phase of my life and so I was SO excited. You could text in questions for them during the show and my friend Lauren and I were texting in questions throughout the competition. SO exciting. We also saw Mary Lou Retton who was about 15 rows in front of us.

The actual competition was great. 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist Paul Hamm took the first place medal today as well and another girl from the United States, Nastia Liukin, won first for the women.


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They were all so great to watch. It was so exciting and definitely made me miss my days of tumbling around a gym. I left with so much energy that I managed to walk home rather than take the subway (let me tell you…that was a long walk).

Such a great day.


One thought on “I am definitely twelve again for a few hours…

  1. So many things to do in the city. It’s always fun to look back at things we have done in our lives. They are the things that make us who we are. And it sounds like it was just FUN!

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