Turn for the embarrassing….

Recently my itunes is really taking a turn for the worse. It is getting to the embarrassing – I can’t believe I am so addicted to this song – but it is SO catchy – but I turn it down when I am on the subway point. I totally blame my friends (cough cough Janelle) for only adding to the lack of quality (but oh so entertaining) music that is becoming my itunes. Anyways – I really hope that nobody judges me solely on the music in my purchased songs list. Eek.

PS….if you have anything terribly catchy to share go ahead. I am pretty sure I am past the point of no return.


3 thoughts on “Turn for the embarrassing….

  1. sooo you’re not even going to share this sooo addicting song? You know what i’ve started listening to that is really embarrassing, it’s this song by jesse mccartney, Leavin’ i’m sooo ashamed 😉

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