Umm…best bus ever

So I am taking this bus (right this second) from New York to Philadelphia to be at camp. It is the best bus ever. First of all the bus tickets cost me a total of $12. Now…was I not a ridiculous over packer it would have been half that, but because I had to pack two luggage bags and the limit is one, I bought two tickets. (I also kinda figured that buying two tickets guaranteed me my own seat on the bus…because umm who else is paying for this cheap of a bus ride? – Turns out a lot of normal people, like me.)

Anyways I get an amazingly nice cab driver who helps me and all of my things to the bus (ps. the taxi ride cost more than my trip to Philly…..) and the nice bus drivers load my stuff (which is good because one bag is so heavy I almost tip over when I try to lift it) and then I see the sign. FREE INTERNET ON THE BUS.

So I am taking a $12 bus ride with all of my things to be away at camp for 3 1/2 weeks AND I have free internet. Seriously. Best bus ever.

PS. Shans for $70 you take the night bus to Toronto.


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