New Apartment

All of my things are moved into the new apartment and it is getting pretty close to finished. It takes so much time to set things up! I am trying to keep my days busy while I wait to start work. So here are the pictures of the new place, please pardon
all of the boxes, scattered picture frames, etc. I am going to post these in sections – that way I can really write about my favorite parts and you reading this can better decide what to skip over (because I am really excited about things like my thermostat – if you live in New York, you know..this is a pretty big deal).

Here is the foyer when you walk in (that empty bookcase is going to leave). There is still some work going on in the desk area. I am standing in the kitchen to take this picture.


Dishwasher, pantry, ice maker, disposal…HURRAY! (Now, if only the fridge/freezer would get fixed so that it is cold enough for the ice to stay ice.) The plant is a lucky bamboo housewarming gift.

More to come!


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