Tip of the iceberg…(car care continued)

I was feeling pretty virtuous about taking my car in for the sound. I tend to think of my car as a pet, because I have a savings account set up for “emergencies” that is different than my normal savings account. In my world, “emergencies” mean that my car needs fixing…

So, I take the car in and I get a ride from an old family friend of my mom’s home while they let the car sit, so that it hopefully makes the noise when they turn it on. (Because, obviously the noise stopped about a mile from pulling into the place.) And, I am just waiting and waiting around yesterday…thinking, “It is fine. They are open on Sundays (I SWEAR the last time I went to this place it was on a Sunday.) Tomorrow, I will just walk to do my errands. Hmm…I wonder if I should call. It is getting a bit late.”

And so…at 3:45 I call the place and find out not only are they not open on Sundays, they close at 4:00. They have tried a few times, but haven’t heard the noise, so they were just going to let it sit until Monday. Well, that is just an excellent plan, except….I have a job and that job likes me to be there and to do that I need my car. Now, being rational…I realize that this is my fault for not doing a bit more research and all, but I sure wished that they called at some point in those 5 hours to say “we don’t hear the sound that you so wonderfully tried to explain to us earlier today.” But, alas. No call and I am a lucky person that I thought to call at 3:45. So, I frantically call my ride who is in the checkout at a store and promises to come as soon as possible.

Then, not being so rational anymore, I lose it. I am sobbing, I can’t find the spare key anywhere, and these people have my car and in ten minutes I will have to use PTO (paid-time-off) on Monday because I didn’t pay attention to their hours. At which point, I call and beg the lady to leave the key in the car unlocked. I beg and I plead and I cry and she agrees and all is fine, I get my car a few minutes after 4. And all is right with the world*, except I am still crying. Because the car, it was just the tip of the iceberg on my week. Which means, that this week should be loads easier and happier and all of that other positive affirmation sort of business.

*(the “emergency” fund is feeling pretty happy….)


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