Revisiting the Meet-Up

I talked about a week ago about going to a movie with a  meet up group.  I bought my ticket in advance, because I knew without it, I would talk myself out of going.  So, I put on my brave face and off I went.  I arrived at the movie theater and didn’t see anyone standing in a group, so I decided to get something to drink.  While waiting in line, I saw the group start to form and now having committed the last 10 minutes to this line,  I didn’t particularly want to leave.  So, I watch as the whole group trots past into the movie.

Oops.  But, I finally have my Diet Coke and in my mind it is like bringing a security blanket with me as I head into the theatre and look for the group who take up almost two rows of the movie seating.  Suddenly, I lose all of my nerve and and am such a nerd that I just want to sit by myself and pretend that I meant to be there alone.  But, I forced myself to say hello, giant drink in hand, and met some really nice people.  A lot of the group seemed to be late 30’s – early 40’s, but there were a few people in their 20’s.  Now I just have to get up the nerve to go to another group and keep making new friends.

(Which will take place this week when I try a Book Club.  My commitment has been reading a 700 page book for the past week in preparation.  I can do this.)


3 thoughts on “Revisiting the Meet-Up

    1. It was the book I am Charlotte Simmons and I was ready for it be done at about page 300. Book Club happened to be canceled because the person leading was sick that day. I did join another book club that is a bit less work and it was great!

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