Being an Aunt on Skype

I am an aunt and here are 75% of the people that give me that wonderful title:

This picture is about a year old, but it is still one of my favorites.  It almost perfectly captures each of their personalities.

The only problem to being their aunt is that I am so far away from them.  A 14 hour drive away.  Months ago, my mom started using skype when they were over at her house.  We started trying to get the kids talking to me, but newsflash…. nobody wants to sit and talk to me on the computer.  There is too much fun to be had.  It was then that my youngest nephew started asking my mom to bring me with them places.  Bring me outside, bring me to the kitchen, bring me to the table, bring me to the bathroom for his bath.

It was then that we realized how FUN it could be to skype and interact with them.  They love it now and sometimes they will sit and chat with me forever.  My mom can put the computer with my on skype on the table and we will all “play”.  (The only hindrance is that it can sometimes be difficult to explain to a two year old why it is impossible for me to hold the piece of paper that he is trying to cut…)

When I went home a month ago, it was great.  The kids had been talking to me so much that despite the fact that I had not seen them in almost 6 months they knew I was a fun time and were ready to play.  For anyone who is away from kids that are important to them, I highly recommend using skype and just relaxing and watch them have fun until they tell you how to interact.


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