bits of my weekend – weekend 1

I have been following Six in the City for awhile and I absolutely love her blog.  As someone who has lived in New York City, I still find it impossible to fathom the challenges of four kids in an NYC apartment.  However, they seem to be more than surviving and for that I think they deserve a ton of props.  One of the things that is on her blog, is bits of my weekend.  Pictures and some comments about their weekend in the city and an invite for other blogs to do the same.

I have been wanting to start doing bits of my weekend.  I think that it is a great way to keep blogging and documenting my life, but every weekend goes by and I either think “oops I forgot to take pictures of anything” or “oops.  I still do not really have friends here and my weekends can be pretty lame”.  But, I promised myself that this weekend would be different.  I would just go ahead and take pictures and then I would post them and link to my blog.

Of course, Saturday morning I woke up with a raging cold that has left me couch-ridden all weekend and I am still here today.    But, I promised myself…

I had everything that I could need right near me…

If I was to type about all of it, I would be appalled at the amount of media that surrounds me, but shh…

Although, my Kindle is the best present that I have ever given myself.

My other favorite thing is this…

I got this cup as a birthday present and it is my favorite thing to drink out of right now.   This thing can keep my drink cold and icy in the sun for a really long time.  It has been a lifesaver this weekend.

I am crossing my fingers that next weekend brings more exciting things.  I have big plans!

If you want to see more weekends, check them out here!


4 thoughts on “bits of my weekend – weekend 1

  1. My Kindle is the best present that I have ever given myself as well. There are a few things about the Kindle I dislike but it still seems to be the best thing to read books on. Do you find that you read so much more now that you have one? I do.

    oh and that cup — really cute!

    1. I have always been a book nerd. I think that my Kindle has made reading more accessible and I always have a new book waiting for me, which is great and probably makes me read even more. Although, I did just finish grad school when I got the kindle so there might be confounding factors.

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