More on Skype

Disclaimer:  I am in a profession that involves working with children in stressful situations.  Some of my key props are puppets.  This is why I have puppets in my apartment.  I am not a 25-year-old crazy person (most of the time)…

I have talked about using Skype with my nieces and nephews before, but I did not talk about their favorite thing to see on Skype.  One day, I pulled out a puppet that I have in my bin of things that have yet to make their way to work.  An Elmo puppet.   The kids thought that it was about the funniest thing that they have ever seen.  Whenever we Skype now, they ask to see Elmo and they love him.  Awhile back, my mom was visiting and we decided that we would take some pictures of Elmo outside the apartment for the kids to see and I made them into a little picture book.  It was like a version of Flat Stanley, except more on a two-year-old level.  We took a bunch of pictures around the city and yet this one was their favorite:

If you are trying to think of something to do for kids of any age, taking pictures of one of their favorite things will always be a huge hit.


One thought on “More on Skype

  1. Have you ever thought about writing. You are hilarious. Not this particular post, and I might be a little tiny bit biased as you cousin, but these are great to read. Keep at it kiddo! LC

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