bits of my weekend- weekend 2

Thanks for the well-wishes last weekend.  I am on the mend and this weekend was a bit more social (meaning that I actually spent time outside my apartment).  Disclaimer: If you are somewhere that the weather was less than desirable this weekend, I apologize for what you will see in these upcoming pictures.  Please forgive me.

The pool.  There is nothing like being able to wander over to the pool and be able to be home in 2 minutes.

I celebrated a good friend’s birthday.

Relaxing time on the beach.  Do not worry – I use my sunscreen plentifully.

And of course, I went browsing at Barnes and Noble.  Sometimes I just need to see the books in person to know what I might want on my Kindle.

Note: I just use a point and shoot camera (and in some of these my phone).  My photography skills can use some work, thanks for bearing with me while I figure out how to take better pictures!

For more weekends around the country visit Michelle over at Six in the City.


10 thoughts on “bits of my weekend- weekend 2

  1. i must say…. i’m doing my best not to be jealous of the pool! thanks for posting… it’s something to look forward to as they weather changes.

  2. I know what you mean about needing to see the books! I go to the bookstore, make lists and then come home and read reviews and download… a new way of book shopping! Looks like a great weekend!

  3. I get to see the beach every day, and we have a pool; but it’s the Barnes & Noble that made me jealous! We don’t have that in Mozambique, and we miss our family tradition of getting coffees and smoothies and sitting around with our favorite picks.

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