Protecting my Kindle

I have made this proclamation before, I know.  I love my Kindle.  It makes reading just that much more wonderful.  I love how it is always there.  I love how I can bring tons of books with me wherever I go and it only takes a tiny bit of room.  Before my Kindle, I could not go on a trip without figuring out how to fit multiple books just in case I might (gasp) run out of books wherever I was.  We can talk about my being needy later.

The only obvious problem with a Kindle is that is electronic and while I was always careful with my books, there is a whole new bag of worries that come with a Kindle.  I do not want to leave it at home because I am worried about it, I want it to come with me to the beach and to the pool and wherever else my heart desires.  So, I started putting it in a Ziploc bag.  This did the job, but there was always extra bag on the sides and bags getting crumpled and hard to see through.  Really, it just looked kinda silly.  After some research, I found this case.  It definitely suits my needs and makes me feel less foolish at the pool.

Kindle, welcome to your summer home.


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