The Hunger Games

At the first book club that  I went to, one of the girls brought this book, The Hunger Games, written by Suzanne Collins.  She was gushing over it and how wonderful it was and she was pretty convincing.  So convincing, that I came right home and put the book on reserve at the library (and the book is scheduled for our June book club).

She was not lying or overreacting.  I absolutely loved this book.  While it is written for the young adult genre, I have never been one to be too judgmental.  There are some great books out there for teens.  This book, I could not put down.  It was full of moments where I was cheering, cringing, almost teary, and more than all of those emotions I just kept needing to turn the page.

It is part of a trilogy and I am so excited to read more and to talk about it with a group of people.  I know that the description probably sounds a bit out there and horrifying, but it is wonderfully written and oh so engaging.


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