The Red Thread

I absolutely loved the book, The Red Thread .  It was a quick read and perfect for the summer.  The Red Thread is about a woman who runs an adoption agency, helping families adopt children from China.  It goes back and forth between women in China whose babies will be adopted and the story of the woman running the agency, her life and what led her to running the adoption agency.  Now, I have no idea about how factual this book is in regards to adoption and women living in China.  It is a work of fiction and I enjoyed the story.

I think what I liked the most is the ancient Chinese belief of the red thread.  That every child is tied by a red thread to the people who will be a part of their lives.  I have quite a few cousins that are adopted.  Two of them were adopted by my cousin, who is one of the few people who reads this with any regularity, and I think about those two and think how much they are a part of our family.  How they were absolutely meant to be my cousins and I guess it just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.


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