Bits of my Weekend – Weekend 8

A friend from work had a big birthday this weekend, so we went to the delicious restaurant (Fleet Landing) and then had some time at the pool.  I wish that I had pictures, but alas this group was not into documenting.  Besides, we were too busy playing pool games.  (There were also a whole lot of people taunting me at the pool with their Ipads…)

On Sunday, I did some cleaning out of my craft supplies and stumbled upon this…

Why on earth do I have so many of these!?!?!

In my cleaning out I found a bunch of old pictures and promptly realized that my hair that has not had a cut since SEPTEMBER was due.

Here is my hair before the cut:

And after:

I think that I like the cut, the problem is that it is too short to stay by itself in a pony tail (It is 105 degrees out there, my hair HAS to be able to get into a pony.).  This fact almost put me over the edge until I was reminded of bobby pins.   Thank goodness for the sensibility of a Mom when you need her.

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