My Fair Lazy

I am a huge fan of Jen Lancaster and have read all of her books, which is why I find it painful to say this… I had a hard time getting through My Fair Lazy.  Her previous books, I finished in an afternoon, this one took me about a week.  If you have not checked out her books, they are all memoirs and My Fair Lazy still has some hysterical moments and that is exactly what I am looking for when I read one of Jen’s books.

I also love how Jen kept fans updated on twitter about the release of the book on the Kindle and as a Kindle user, I really appreciate the information.   I love her other books so much that even though I had a hard time with this one, I still had to spend more time talking about her great qualities as an author.  I HIGHLY recommend Bitter is the New Black, but just less so My Fair Lazy.
Did anybody else read it?  Was it just me?

PS.  I also had the past two books signed by her when I lived in New York.  See?


One thought on “My Fair Lazy

  1. sadly no…i’ve lost my spark for Jen 😦 I probably won’t buy it because i found it hard to read her last one. makes me sad, but i do treasure our trips to get them signed!

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