Meeting Jane Green

On my way to work this morning (rather on the way from my car to the building), I saw that Jane Green (New York Times Best Selling Author) was going to be at the Barnes and Noble right around the corner from me doing a book signing tonight.  I was pretty excited, I have been to book signings before and there is generally a bit of the author reading and then the signing happens, or at least this has been my experience.  Despite the fact that I would need to go solo, I decided it would be fun and geared myself up to arrive for the book signing at 7.  I had actually been thinking of buying the book on my kindle soon, so I thought I could just go for the reading and probably duck out when the signing happened.

I threw my camera in my bag, an extra book to read in case the line was long, etc. and headed out.  I had a few things to do ahead of time, so I was running a little late and got there almost exactly at 7.  Below are the thoughts that went through my head.

(in the parking lot): “hmm… I cannot believe I am getting such great parking.  I hope I do not have to stand in there for the reading/signing.”

(entering the store): ooo let me take a picture of the sign announcing the event.  It might be good for the blog later…

You may notice that my picture is blurry.  Want to know why?  Because in the middle of stopping to take this picture I hear the following coming from the voice of someone who is clearly English:

“The woman was very clear. There was no publicity.  Nothing in the paper, nothing advertised at all.  There is nobody here.  They have me set up at a little table at the front of the store.”

The picture is blurry, because JANE GREEN was standing next to me as I took it and I realized this based on her phone conversation.  I was sort of mortified and confused, so naturally I ran to the back of the store to debate what I was to do.  Nobody was there.  This poor author.  Traveling around the country promoting her new book and NOBODY is at the book signing at my Barnes and Noble – and what is worse is that I know this because I heard her say it and I know that Barnes and Noble did not promote it for her.

So, I prepped myself to walk over there, thinking that it would be fine.   I would say hello and tell her I knew to come because she tweeted about the event and I would explain that I was going to buy the book on my kindle and I would leave.  I would let her know someone was there to see her.  I would not let myself feel guilty that there was not a person at her table the 20 minutes I was in the store.

Drat.  She was so lovely and the minute she said “Thank you so much for coming, I appreciate it.  What is your name?  I would love to sign a book for you.” I knew I had to buy the book and said “Oh… my name is Chelsea.  Thanks.  I love your books.”  And then I realized that I gave myself a $22 guilt trip.


3 thoughts on “Meeting Jane Green

  1. Oh well! I still think you made her feel better! You would have used that $22 on something else that wouldn’t make someone feel happy.

  2. Plus who wanted to wait in any lines? I am sure that you attendance did not go unnoticed by her. (minus the 22 ssetback of course)xoxoxox

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