Bits of my Weekend – Weekend 9

Now, I know that this weekend is typically full of barbecues and fireworks and maybe the beach.  In my world, this weekend was full of finishing projects that I have been working on for far too long and taking care of details (of which I have no pictures, because they are no fun).  Because I am MOVING back to Indiana/Chicago (in about a week and a half/two weeks).

So, I spent time finishing my knitting that has been hanging around since the winter:

I might have gone shopping to find new clothes for my new job before I realized that I am procrastinating packing and did not need to add to the amount of stuff yet to be packed:

I spent a lot of time at the pool reading this book by Jane Green because I had to, I need to be on Kindle only reading mode for the drive to Indiana.
Now that everything is almost settled with the big move, I will be posting posts throughout the week from the process that I have been writing all along.  For more bits of my weekends around the world, visit Michelle at 6 in the City.


3 thoughts on “Bits of my Weekend – Weekend 9

  1. It always feels so good to finish projects that have lingered “in progress” too long. I once cleaned out my crochet closet and had SEVEN lap fghans to finish! I belong to a club that makes throughout the year to donate to nursing homes at Christmas time. Every time I learned a new pattern or got tired of the colors I started a new one. You know, it really is true that it’s the things you DON’T do that make you more tired than what you do. It’s emotionally draining to have stuff hanging over your head.

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