Bits of my weekend – weekend 11

This weekend… I moved 5 states away back to my hometown to start a new job! Needless to say, there was a lot of driving.

When I walked in on Friday, this sign greeted me:

We started driving as soon as I finished my work day on Friday. My belongings were already being driven by one of these ABF trucks. We passed a few of them and I wondered if they were mine.

We made a quick stop to visit a good friend from college and her new baby. We were too busy talking and staring at the baby for any pictures. Oops.

On Saturday night we arrived in Indiana and immediately ate some Indiana corn. Delicious.

It is Sunday now and I am trying to hurry up and relax because the new job starts tomorrow!

For more weekends around the world visit Michelle over at Six in the City. (Also be sure to check out my friend Shannon who has joined in on the fun.)


One thought on “Bits of my weekend – weekend 11

  1. Hope your new job started well. I like change but it’s always takes some adjusting time when moving and starting a new job. Good luck on all the unpacking!

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