Bits of my Weekend(s) – Weekend(s) 12-13

I skipped last weekend due to not being able to find my camera cords in the move, so I am going to do a combination of weekends.

We had the family reunion last weekend.  Every year there is a theme to the event and this year the theme was pirates.  I am pretty sure that the reunion is my grandpa’s favorite day of the year.   In reality, my grandpa is probably the reason most of us come to this reunion, because it means so much to him (in another reality I could talk about the fight to clean the dishes and hide so you are not appointed President, but I won’t).   

Things are going great with the new job, the only truly unfortunate thing is that I used to wear dresses almost every single day to work and at this job, it is just more of a pants place.  Meaning, I need some new clothes.  Just a few.  I think.  Shh.. It sounds like it makes sense.  Anyways, I went on the search for a few new shirts and pants.

Then I went a little crazy and I somehow ended up with this:

I do not know how it happened, but I do know that it will make life more convenient and made today an extra happy Sunday!


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