Bits of my August Weekends

Oops.  This whole commuting and job thing is really getting in the way of my weekend updates.  Let me do a quick catch-up.

We went to a craft fair at Amish Acres:

Went to a tiny version of the Taste of Chicago in our town.

Went to a little lake with my niece and nephews and had a blast.  That is my little brother behind me who starts his senior year of high school tomorrow.  It is a running joke in our family that he has been around forever and is still in school and now he is nearing the finish line – sort of.  If you don’t count college or maybe grad school. Talk to me in five years..the joke will probably still be going.

The kids also came over to play in the little pool.  Their faces were pretty much stuck in “this is awesome” mode the entire time.

We headed over to Lake Michigan to “the beach”.  (Which for anyone who calls an ocean their beach, they are right.  A lake is not a beach and yet you can sort of trick yourself into believing it..)

I sucked the entire family into reading the Hunger Games series:

And made the brother take a picture with me to prove I was there too:

And then I made the other brother let me take a picture of his ridiculous sock tan from working at a golf course all summer.

And then I accidentally took this picture that I really like and I’m not sure why:

And now I try to psyche myself up for another week of work…  Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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