Mattress Moving

I have moved quite a few times in the last 5 years and each time I move, somehow..I end up with a new mattress.  In fact, I am pretty sure that when I decided I was moving my Mom said something close to “Hurray!  That mattress is coming too, right?”

It isn’t that I was striving to get new mattresses, it is that my mattress fate has just been weird.  (I mean, I did not even want to post this until I knew my mattress was safe and sound.)

In 2003 (I think?), I graduated from the single bed to the full, getting new mattress #1.

In 2005 I got a brand new mattress (#2) to take to my new apartment in college.  When summer came, it was time to move the mattress to an interim location before moving into another apartment in the fall.

(Sidenote: Somehow I decided that I was going to move all by myself.  I will never again make this decision.  Mom, thanks for getting on the plane tomorrow.  Probably because the amount of tears that came from this 2005 move have forever scarred us in the moving process.)  My mattress made it to the interim location, but then needed to go to ANOTHER storage unit later in the summer because the interim location was another apartment and it needed to be emptied.

On the way to the storage unit, my mattress flew off the back of a truck and was run over by the van behind it.  Goodbye mattress. (I was not there to witness this whole scenario as I had a friend who was very nicely helping out while her things were being moved.  This was an unfortunate incident.)

When we moved into the next apartment (still in 2005), I got a new mattress (#3) (because the other one was bent funny and had tire marks).  That mattress is now living in my brother’s bedroom because I was moving to New York and only taking suitcases.

(PLUS the 20 boxes my mom had to Fed ex to me because I moved to New York without an apartment.)

In 2007, I bought a new mattress (#4) shortly after finding an apartment, when I moved from New York, that mattress was sold to a friend of a friend because the only things that were coming away from New York had to fit in the car. (I could do an entire series on moving from New York, but the trauma is still too fresh.)

In 2009, I moved to Charleston and again had to buy a new mattress (#5).  This is the mattress that is moving back to Indiana to, I suppose, hang out in storage for a while.


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