I made these.

With my own two hands (and two knitting needles, some yarn, and the washing machine).   During my trip to New York, a friend told me about the website Ravelry.  I have spent hours on the site in the last few weeks.  Where has it been all my life?  It is where I found this amazing pattern that makes a beginner of a knitter take some risks.  Here is my trek through the slipper world:

At the very beginning…

The pieces are all made and ready to come together (also known as the part where my Mom kept saying “those look really big”)…

Even more together…

After felting (the first attempt):

You see, I ran into a small problem with that one on the right.  (Which is actually the left foot.)  I did not make the heel the way it was supposed to be and it sort of looked like it had a giant bump coming off the back of the shoe.  A little like this one (only worse):

I stared at it and did the obvious thing (to me).  I chopped off the lump and tried to sew it back to normal.  Drat.  I had one great slipper and one mini slipper that just was not going to work (please see above picture where the shoe on the right is about half the size of the shoe on the left).  So, I started a new slipper for that foot.  This time, I had a much better understanding of how the slipper would turn out and how to make a non-lumpy heel.

Do you see that beautiful heel there on the right?  Now the left shoe in this picture, it still has a tiny lump but that is ok.  I can live with a minor imperfection like that.  I was just so excited that these two slippers were close to matching!

After a few more days of drying and some finishing touches…


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