New Apartment Tour

I am doing a quick new apartment picture tour.  Clearly, things still have a long way to go.  Use your imagination.

From the front door to the living room:

Turning around to see the entryway/front door:

Another view of the living room (the front door is over there to the right of the windows):

Now a view where you can see what comes after the living room.  Over there to the right is a doorway that leads to the linen closet/bathroom and an entrance to the bedroom.  Over to the left leads to the dining room and another entrance to the bedroom.


Looking from the bathroom hallway to the bedroom:

Looking from dining room to bedroom:


From the living room into the dining room (you can see the entrance to the kitchen here):

Looking from the kitchen:

Now the kitchen:

Best craigslist purchase ever (Ikea kitchen counter):


There you have it.  A quick tour of the new place (with more work to go).

If he could talk, I think he would be saying “Wait.  We live here now?” or “Don’t put me on the internet with this ridiculous haircut.  It’s too embarrassing.”


2 thoughts on “New Apartment Tour

  1. You’re new place looks ginormous! Is it in Chicago? I didn’t know cities offered that much space!

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