Pulling a Sweater out of “donate” pile

Have you heard of Pinterest?  I think that I have mentioned it before, because I keep finding the best ideas ever by playing around on the website.  People are so clever!  I recently found this little gem:  Sweater to Cardigan tutorial and was so excited.  Not only did it seem like something that I could manage, but a) I borrowed my Mom’s sewing machine to try another project, so that was already the centerpiece of my kitchen table and just waiting for jobs AND b) I have a bin of clothes to donate that has been sitting in the dining room for months and two of those are sweaters that are slightly too small.

I did one that is just a plain black sweater and then I did this one.  My sewing skills are slowly improving, so they are not perfect.  However, I wore one of them to work the other week and asked around and nobody said “Oh, yeah.  I totally noticed that you cannot cut in a straight line.”  Follow the steps on tutorial from the link listed above to try it out!

(yep, that is me standing on a chair to take the picture.)

PS.  I also found a use for a few old t-shirts from that bin and a few other things, so now I am really not in any rush to donate them quite yet.


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