Winter Getaway

This winter in Chicago (like most of the country) has been brutal.  Snow and more snow with a little extra snow on top.  It is early April here now and we are just beginning to see a hint of spring.  Earlier this January we managed to sneak away for a week to Mexico.  While it was still a little rainy there and not super warm, we had a great time. P1010242

Our hotel room view was awesome, even when it was raining. P1010249

I got to try snorkeling for the first time.  I’m really not even sure how I have never tried this before.  I LOVED it.  I spent the whole time trying not to swallow salt water because I kept saying “wow”.  I’m thinking the next time we take a beach vacation that I would like to get scuba certified and try another level!








We got to check out some ziplining.  It lasted forever, which was great and was so fun to just soar from one place to another.

Of course, we ate our weight in food, took walks on the beach, and a thousand other fun vacation experiences.  I’m already dreaming of another vacation.





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