On Our Way!

A few weeks ago, we went on an amazing vacation to Hawaii.  We split our time between Maui and Honolulu, packing in 10 days of fun.  Throughout our trip, we kept learning things and finding places that we never heard about in all of our research on what to do and see.  Which led to a lot of “we have to tell people!”.  So, if you are ever headed to Hawaii, here are some of our favorite locations.

Hawaii Scenery

Our first stop was Maui.  We stayed in an amazing condo in the Maui Kamaole complex.   It was a pretty perfect location, located in the Kihei area of Maui.  We were walking distance to several beaches, shopping, and food.  We both loved that it was busy, but not crowded with tourists (hello, Honolulu – we will talk more about your abundance of tourists later).

Maui Kamaole View

During one of our first days in Maui, we met a couple from Canada who owned a property in the area and gave us a few great places to visit.  Thankfully, their advice led us to some of our favorite spots!

The best snorkeling:

Ahihi Beach

Ahihi Fish

TurtleAhihi TaeAhihi Chelsea


From the moment your face hits the water, there is just so much to see here.  Seriously, it was the best place ever!  My only suggestion would be to wear something a little sturdier than flip flops.  It is super rocky and a little tricky to walk over all of that lava rock.

The best day trip:

Lahaina around

The Road to Hana

We loved this.  Actually, our favorite thing was just driving around the island.  On our last day, we chose to drive the other way around the island from Lahaina to the airport.  The Road to Hana is going to get a post all to itself pretty soon.

The best beach:

Big Beach

Big Beach

Best Poke:

Foodland (Seriously)

We don’t have any pictures of the Poke, because we ate it all too fast.  If you are wondering what exactly I am even talking about, here is a link to wikipedia and an explanation of poke.

Whale Watching:


We used Ultimate Whale Watch, but heard really good things about Pacific Whale Watch (and I sort of wish we had tried them instead).

We missed a TON of things on Maui, but wanted to get in plenty of lounging poolside and on the beach.

Stay tuned for more!

PS.  If you have any honeymoon travel ideas for us, we could sure use them.  Right now, we are thinking something in December!


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