Memorial Day Weekend

This long weekend felt jam packed!  We started the weekend at a rehearsal dinner gearing up for a big wedding on Saturday.

Saturday, during the day, Tae was golfing – Sonny and I made the most of the amazing weather with some quality time outside.

Saturday night we went to the wedding.  It was held at a barn in the Chicago suburbs and  was so fun.  I danced the night away and Tae got to watch the Blackhawks game throughout the reception (they were projecting it on several screens).  Here we are all dressed up to celebrate!

Sunday, we barbecued.  Monday was rainy and not such great weather here, so we spent most of the time running errands, hanging another ceiling fan in our guest bedroom (or rather my Mom’s bedroom, since she is our main guest), and doing a little bit of wedding planning.  I just know that this 4 months is going to fly by… (Which, I just realized is actually 3.5 months!).

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