Show and Tell Tuesday: When I Grow Up

I’ve been following a few new blogs lately and Momfessionals is one of them.  Every Tuesday, she has a link up and today’s is “When I Grow Up”.  It is all about what you thought you wanted to be as a grown up when you were little.  I am thinking this is a perfect fit for my blog about figuring out this whole grown up life thing!

There are really only two things that I can remember ever wanting to be as a kid.


The first is that I wanted to be an author.  I have always loved reading and I used to spend hours and hours writing my own books. My books as a kid were almost always mysteries and generally involved twins.  I even went to a Saturday program at our local college to write a book over one summer.  I just remember being so proud when my family came to hear us reading.  I just found the book that I wrote and remembered that everyone passed their books around so that the audience could comment.  It just makes my heart so happy to see those sweet notes!

The second thing I know that I always wanted to be growing up was a Mom.  I wish I could find this hilarious note that I wrote in preschool that said something like “When I Grow Up, I will be a Mom.  I will play whatever my kids want.  I will drink Coke.”  We found it when my Mom was moving a few years ago and it is just so fitting.  While I’m not a Mom yet, my furry “son” will have to do for now!

Now that I am “grown up”, I’m a Child Life Specialist.  I’ve worked in children’s hospitals for the last 5 years before moving to my current role.  It’s a great job and a growing profession – I’m so glad that life led me to Child Life!


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