Jam packed weekend!

Last week, we were looking forward to a low key weekend.  We had no plans and were up for anything.

Friday, I was off of work.  Tae had a few errands to run that afternoon (he works from home) and I joined him before we stopped for lunch at P.F. Changs.  (Side note, much to Tae’s disbelief this was my first P.F. Changs trip.)  After lunch, we stopped a few more places to look for a rug for our living room.  Then, I convinced Tae that we needed to celebrate National Donut Day!

We came home, chatted with some friends and decided to meet up for happy hour.  In this conversation, Tae mentioned that they were busy the next day and were headed to a Kenny Chesney concert at Solider Field.  To which I said ” why aren’t we going!?” and we hopped on ticketmaster to score a great deal on tickets!  We had a fun time at happy hour, including playing with our new Go Pro and headed to bed.

Saturday came bright and early.  Tae had to go into the city for work and I taught kids yoga.  We met up with friends for brunch and then ran to catch up with our other friends to take the train into the city for some tailgating and the concert. Despite an altered train schedule and an impromptu uber ride, we made it to the tailgating area with plenty of time before the show.



The concert was a blast!   There were some guys behind us that kept saying things like “I can’t believe it” and “this is just TOO MUCH FUN!”.  They were right.  We missed a few of the opening acts, but got there in plenty of time for Miranda Lambert and Kenny Chesney.




We got home super late and slept in on Sunday.  Sunday was filled with a few house renovation items before we needed to head to the town where we are getting married and check out some rehearsal dinner venue options.  I’m not going to lie. The one that I thought was a for-sure deal, was just not that great.  So, we hunted down a few other options and I am crossing my fingers!  Otherwise, we are going to be thinking outside the box.

Finally, we came home and crashed.  This weekend t went from no plans to lots of plans and we had the best time!

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4 thoughts on “Jam packed weekend!

  1. What a fun weekend, Chelsea! Kenny Chesney puts on an amazing show, doesn’t he? We’ve seen him before and we also recently saw Miranda Lambert (she was the headline here); it was my first time to see her in concert, and I really enjoyed it. Thanks so much for linking up with the blog today; hope your Monday is going well!

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