How is July almost over!?!  This month has been SO busy!  A good busy, a little frantic (our wedding is about 6 weeks away!), and tons of fun!  Here are some highlights from this month in our lives!

This guy turned 4 and had an awesome bowling party!

We kicked off the month camping (well, staying in a cabin) in Rhinelander, Wisconsin with a great group of friends.

(I’m super excited to plan a Kids Yoga class all around that last scenery picture!)

I went on a staff retreat and made friends with a butterfly.

We had family over to our place for July 4th.  (Somehow, I have ZERO pictures of this weekend.)

Then, we had family in town for fun.  This girl is one my favorites!  She’s 12 going on 22.

I watched these guys for a weekend.

“I’m a mess, Chelsea!”

She is the CUTEST!

This guy was the best helper.

We threw a party at the studio and Sonny was the mascot.

And we hit up a slip and slide party (turns out we are a power couple at slip and sliding)!  Hoping I will find a picture soon!

Whew!  Such a great month and there are still days to go!


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