July Reading

This month has been a little lighter on the books, but there are some good ones mixed in here:

Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan

This book was so cute.  Even when I could see things coming, it was a fun read.  I’d definitely recommend it.  When I went to add it to goodreads, I noticed that this was actually #1, which means that there are more!  Can’t wait to read them.

The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simpson

Bleh.  Not my favorite.  I spent so much time wondering why I was still reading it.  I didn’t particularly love the first book and I found this one pretty irritating.  Not my cup of tea!

Looking for Me by Beth Hoffman

Well, this one wasn’t high on my list either.  Although, this is one that I listened to on Audible and I think I just didn’t quite care for the person reading it?  The story was entertaining, but sometimes felt like it went on and on and on.  I’m somewhat neutral on recommending the actual book.

The Last Anniversary by Lianne Moriarty

This is another one that I listened to on audible.  I LOVED it.  I was sad when it ended.  Lianne Moriarty just makes the best characters.  Read it!


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