Weekend (golf edition)

It has been at least a decade since I was last on a golf course.  My Dad was a HUGE golfer and so I grew up pretty familiar with golf courses and all things golf.  Throughout the summer, Tae has become more and more of a golf fanatic (Seriously, it is all that is on TV and our nicely cleaned garage now has a golf net taking up the space meant for my car!).  Anyways, I had my Mom bring me her clubs to borrow, so I could play with him once in awhile.

We kicked off the weekend with an evening golf session on Friday.  I wasn’t that terrible (I mean, I lost 5 balls in 9 holes, but the balls always moved forwards!).  It was funny how much I could hear my Dad’s voice as I walked around (mostly things like “just hit the ball, Chelsea”.   Now, I can’t wait to go again!  And is it too much to say that I need a golf outfit?  I mean, that will definitely help me play better!

Saturday, the boys napped, we went and chose our flowers for the wedding, and we had delicious Korean BBQ was Tae’s family!

Sunday, we had brunch with my Mom, and I spent most of the afternoon wedding shoe shopping.  I’ll be honest, that I am not 110% sold on the pair I ended up grabbing, so I have some online shopping to do next.   Anybody want to share what they wore?  Blue? White? Heels?  Flats!?!  I’m listening!

Have a wonderful week!


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