Tim McGraw Weekend

Well, we managed to fill up another weekend.  This weekend was full of so many of my favorite things.  On Fridays, I get out at 3:00 and we have quickly learned that if we do something Friday night, it makes the weekend seem so much longer!  I had been wanting to try Orangetheory Fitness and we had two free classes, so we went to our second class Friday after work.  I am a huge sucker for new workouts and I love anything that gives me feedback during class, so this was an awesome place for me.

After our workout, we needed to do a big Costco run.  Which, normally would not make the list of weekend fun.  But, it has always been a running joke that Tae’s favorite date spot is Costco and we definitely had Friday night dinner there.

Saturday, Tae went golfing (obsessed) and I spent the morning running a few errands (the fun kind that also involves haircuts and pedicures).   Saturday night we had tickets to see Tim McGraw.  Let me tell you, that show was so fun.  We had the best time.  The people watching was amazing and Tim’s show was great.  (We especially loved the teens behind us yelling “he’s so hot!” at the same time as some older ladies were making similar comments in front of us.)

One of my favorite things was that the venue allows you to bring in your own water (in factory sealed bottles).  Which led us to a lot of jokes about being old…

Sunday morning, we headed out to celebrate Tae’s Mom’s birthday.  It started at a Korean church service (where, yes, everything was in Korean – but someone did translate the sermon for me).  Oh, and I definitely caught on when they were announcing our wedding to everyone (and I think inviting them!?). Some of the songs, I definitely recognized, but couldnt quite remember the English words to jump in. After the service, we headed to a lunch that they church throws and it included some delicious cake.  I don’t have pictures of our whole family, but I do have these…

We left the church to meet our friend’s new baby.  I was so smitten that we forgot to take any pictures.

After meeting the new baby, our friends were having a Sunday Funday at one of the family’s pools and we decided to stop by.  I have to admit that I am a bit of a homebody sometimes and was feeling a little wiped after so many weekend activities, but I am glad that I went.  It’s always a good time with these kiddos around.


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